Map of Bel’arán

Now you can follow our heroes as they traverse the Deep Forest, or even over the mountains and to Tar’eastór. Dan, Jo, Meng, Manuela, Hector – you have your very own places! Special thanks to Hector at Hector. G. Airaghi for this exceptional work. Please check out his website to see the fabulous things he does.

Characters from The Silvan Saga

Fel’annár – Green Sun. Warrior name: Hwind’ator – The Whirling Warrior.

Pronunciation: FELannar

Idernon. Warrior name: The Wise Warrior

Pronunciation: idERnon



Ramien. Warrior name: Stone Warrior

Pronunciation: RAMien


Carodel. Warrior name: The Bard Warrior – Coming soon.

Lainon. Warrior name: The Silent Warrior

Pronunciation: LIEnon

Galdith. Warrior name: Fierce Warrior

Prounciation: GALdith

Galadan. Warrior name: Fire Warrior

Pronunciation: GALaDAN

Sontúr. Warrior name: Winged Warrior

Pronunciation: SONtoor

Commander General Gor’sadén

Pronunciation: GORsaDEN

Commander General Pan’assár – Coming soon

Pronunciation: PANaSAR

Prince Handir

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