Why I Can Review a Book I Coached (or Edited)

Andrea Lundgren

Every so often, I will review a book I coached or edited (particularly if the author asks it of me). This may sound tremendously biased—who can evaluate a book they were involved with—but hear me out.

First, I don’t publish my reviews on Amazon. Their policy would see me as biased, to where I would want to write a good review for writers because I work for them, and they have a right to police their review policy however they want.

But here, on my website, I get to police my own reviews, and the thing is, my ability to find errors and generate ideas on how to fix them is why authors hire me, not so I say nice things. So it actually is in my favor to write an honest review, to where authors know “these problems, though we worked around them, are still the main flaws I…

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