The Silvan Series

Bel’arán is a land of mountain and forest, of desert and tundra – immortal elves and mortal humans. Ea Uaré, the Great Forest of the Silvans, is a land colonised by the Alpine Elves, masters of battle and lore. Both races lived in harmony, under the rule of the mighty king Or’Talán, until one elf’s lust for power pulls them apart, forcing the king to make a decision that leads to the scorn of the Silvans. The powerful Alpine lords take control of the land and the military, while the Silvans strive to maintain their rightful place in the forest.

Fifty-two years later, a young elf leaves home for military training. One dream, one obsession; to be a Silvan captain in an army ruled by Alpines. He knows nothing of politics and power, of treachery and treason; he knows nothing of his dead mother, save that she was Silvan and of his Alpine father – no one speaks.


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